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Sparkling or STILL

Tired of planning and paying for an event whether it be a small dinner party at your home or a special event and not having the time or energy to actually enjoy yourself?

Sparkling or STILL is here to solve that problem and take away all the time and stress from the planning process, allowing you to truly enjoy your friends and family at your event. My goal is to have you become a guest at your own party!

Having spent 3 years working with a celebrity chef, I have mastered the art of anticipating one's wants and needs, making every service intentional!

Not only will I help you plan and host your event, I have a fantastic team of professionals that encompass a wide range of vendors. By working with Sparkling or STILL, you have full access to a number of...

-Photobooth Pros
-Personal Stylists

And my fabulous in-house Florist.

With the tagline, "don't stress, that's my job", I take away the idea of "marking items up" from their actual price, allowing me and you to have honest conversations on what is needed to make a dream become a reality.

You pay what I pay, therefore every idea, look, vendor is a discussion; and not a persuasion.

I'm here to help you create, design, and coordinate your next event!

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